About African Pioneer Group

African Pioneer Group (Pty) (APG) is an Investment Holding company that started out from very humble beginnings in 1990. It occurred to the founders at the time that there were major changes about to take place in South Africa, which could bring vast, unprecedented opportunities. A "new" economy would come into existence. This called for a new approach to investment that called for considerable amounts of vision and strategic thinking in stride with the changes. At its early stages African Pioneer Group (Pty), through various wholly owned subsidiaries, engaged in a number of businesses namely; retail, distribution and logistics businesses in the black townships and coloured areas. It specialised in the products of such industrial giants like Parmalat and Coca Cola.

Through a policy of pragmatic and progressive business management the company expanded substantially and now has a larger shareholder base and a strong organisational infrastructure. There are almost a hundred individual shareholders that are predominantly from the black communities of the Eastern Cape. APG attracts considerable goodwill in its name, and operates throughout South Africa.