Investment Portfolio - Investment Strategy

The management's aim is to continue to participate in investments which add value to our company through prudent and strategic investments in well-managed businesses, listed or unlisted, and which offer capital growth and competitive returns. At the same time the management keeps a keen eye on the market situation in order to secure lucrative investment opportunities whenever one arises.

Investment opportunities are subjected to rigorous evaluation procedures before being approved.

There are two major categories of investments that are central to our business:

Passive Investments

These are investments in businesses, which have:

  • strong capital base and market position.
  • reliable and capable management.
  • profitability and excellent returns.

The company must have a strong and capable management team with a clearly defined vision for its future.

Operating Investments

These are investments with substantial "operating" activities where we employ our own knowledge and expertise to set the "trend". In this way we ensure that we have a hands-on control of our investments.

An example of this is Pioneer Fishing (PTY) Limited. The CEO of APG spends a substantial amount of his time as an executive director there. This will allow us to supervise and closely monitor the management of such promising investments and ensure their viability.

APG has recently decided to focus its resources and attention on electricity and fuel investment opportunities. This falls in line with the diversified risk portfolio strategy of APG and also takes advantages of the current global trends with respect to the demands in this sector.

In the Gaming & Leisure sector, Pioneer Slots is an example of a successful start-up business. It is as LPM licensor in the Eastern Cape region as has broken industry records for the service and speed of its roll-out programme during the first 18 months of operation.

In the Energy sector, TEWA Power is an example of renewable energy that fast being recognised as the first black owned energy company in South Africa with the strategic, technical and financial experience to successfully develop, own and operate power and renewable energy projects.